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Microsoft removed the useful File Types tab in the Windows Explorer folder options in Windows Vista and Windows 7. The Files of Type menu displayed a list of known file extensions as well as editing options.

Types is a lightweight Windows program for changing file extension properties in Windows Vista and Windows 7 (it is also compatible with Windows XP). The application displays a list of all registered file extensions in alphabetical order in the main program window.

Each file extension is displayed with its current icon and the text of the file extension itself. Double-clicking opens the tabbed editor window to edit the properties of the file type. The Classes drop-down menu at the top can also be used to select a file extension. Clicking on the edit button to the right of the menu opens the properties window if this option is chosen.

A filter is provided to quickly display only the selected file type in the program window.

The tabbed editor displays options to change default actions, class-specific settings, or the extension icon. The icon menu displays the current icon as well as a selection of alternative icons. Double-clicking an icon displayed in the window sets it as the default file extension icon.

file icon

A navigation button is available to select a different icon of the computer system. Users who want to choose a default Windows system icon should point the browser to C: Windows System32 shell32.dll to do so.

The changes take effect immediately without having to restart or kill the explorer.exe process.

The functionality of types does not end there. You can use the program to create new file extensions or remove existing ones.

An alternative is the Nirsoft File Types Manager application which offers similar functionality.

Types is compatible with all recent versions of the Windows operating system. It requires Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0.


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